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Freigeist Bierkultur – Blaupause


STYLE: Weizenbock with Blueberries

ABV: 7,5%

VOLUME: 0,33l


The blueberry season is a very special time: armed with baskets and bags you wander through the dense forest, the sun breaks here and there through the canopy and warms the steamy forest floor. Fine scents of dark green moss, damp leaves and wild berries pervade the air long before you see the first bushes. With nimble fingers you pluck the blueberries from the fresh green, soon the first purple spots spread and the sweetness of the fresh fruits caresses the tongue. At home, the smells of warm jam and freshly baked blueberry snails waft through the rooms. Oh, wonderful summer! Building on this incomparable feeling, the brewers of three breweries have come up with a beer. Blueprint perfectly captures the summer pleasure of self-picked forest berries. The aroma-intensive Weizenbock is brewed with delicious blueberries and exotic tonka beans and combines the classic aroma of a wheat beer with the taste of summer. The pure blueberry joy breaks out as soon as you pour it: the beer flows into the glass in the color of the small fruits and adorns itself with a pink head. The fact that the blueberry runs like a red thread through the enjoyment of beer is noticeable at the latest when it comes to the scent: the purple berry tickles the olfactory nerves with its fruity acidity and unmistakable aroma. The taste follows the foot and brings pure blueberry. A touch of vanilla tops the berry.

7,5% Weizenbock with Blueberries